Keep your passwords

LaraPass is a self-hosted password manager build with privacy, security & data ownership in mind. No longer share your site login / passwords with other services — securely store them on your own servers.


LaraPass v2 is build using

We are thankful to these wonderful companies & developers for building tools that helped us realize our vision and bring LaraPass to life.

AES-256 Encryption

All of your data is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption and signed using a message authentication code (MAC).

2-Step Authentication

We have a build-in 2-step authentication system for increased security. Once activated, you cannot login without the 2-step code.

Password Generator

We have a build-in password generator that can generate, encrypt and store long - complex passwords for you to use.

Your Own Private Cloud

LaraPass is a self-hosted app, i.e. all of its source code and data is stored on your own personal - private cloud servers.

Secure Vaults

Your site login & password details, notes, files, etc are stored in secure encrypted vaults accessible only by you.

Lifetime License

All LaraPass v2 Licenses comes with Lifetime validity. Purchase once and own it forever. Your license will never expire.


Powerful Admin Control System

LaraPass v2 has a powerful and highly configurable admin control system that allows you to modify and manage all aspects of your app without ever looking at the code. Some features are:

  • User Management
  • Settings Manager (General, Database, Backups, Automation, etc)
  • Custom Page Manager
Ready to run your own self-hosted password manager?

Get Notified About Important Events

Our build-in notification system informs the users' as all as the admins' of any important events that occur in the app. Custom email notifications are sent for:

  • Enabling/Disabling 2-Step Authentication
  • Reaching Vault/Site/Folder Limit
  • Requesting Personal Data (GDPR Complaince)
  • User Account Deletion or Cancellation

Whats Others Say About LaraPass

We have received overwhelming positive feedback for LaraPass since its inception. Whether it be through Envato Review system or via our support channel.